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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What school district is Huntington Village located in?


High School - Albemarle
Junior High School - Jack Jouette
Grammer School - Greer
Private - St. Anne's Belfield


2. What is the total square footage for the townhomes at Huntington Village?


One story two bedroom - 1,000 sq. ft
One story two bedroom w/ basement - 1610 sq. ft
Two story two bedroom - 1,100 sq. ft
Two story two bedroom w/ basement - 1,710 sq. ft
Two story three bedroom - 1,200 sq. ft
Two story three bedroom w/ basement - 1,810 sq. ft


Please note that square footage does vary slightly between all townhomes.


3. What types of window treatments are available at Huntington Village?


Most windows are supplied with mini-blinds. If the window does not have a mini-blind then most likely we do not supply one for that specific window.


The same is true for the sliding glass doors - especially those located in the basement. We normally do not supply vertical blinds for the basement, or at any windows next to the front door.


Please note that those windows & doors that have them have either been installed by previous residents or they agreed to pay for the purchase and installation for our maintenance people to do the work.


4. How is parking handled at Huntington Village?


Huntington Village has two designated parking places per townhome. If you are in a three bedroom and have three cars you are asked to park down by the pool or in an empty spot near your townhome.


5. I have read the application form and it requests credit or banking information. Do I have to supply my credit/bank account numbers?


No. We only ask for the following information:


Credit: i.e.: savings, bank account, credit card, bank loan

Type Acct: i.e.: Citibank, First USA, BB&T

Location: i.e.: 100 Citibank Drive NY NY Zip


6. Can I pay by Credit Card?


No. Huntington Village cannot process credits cards. Application Fees, Deposits and Rental payments can only be made by Cashier Check issued from a bank, personal check, money order, travelers check or cash.


7. You sent me a PDF lease via email and it includes references to several attachments that I didn’t receive. What’s going on? Am I missing something?


No, you aren’t going crazy. We routinely give you all the referenced attachments, along with other important information, when you arrive in Charlottesville and pick up your keys. For those who may want to review these documents prior to that time, here is a link to Attachment B. The Resident Handbook does not currently exist in electronic form, so you can pick it up when you arrive.

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